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Trapeze Table (Cadillac)

Effortless Movement - Infinite Adjustability

The BASI Systems Cadillac provides unprecedented adjustability. With the largest mat in the industry and fine-tuning control of spring positioning, it offers ultimate precision, flexibility and comfort. The Cadillac comes with four prepared ports to easily accommodate the F2 System upgrade.

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- Aircraft quality aluminum for smooth, quiet push-through bar and trapeze movement and spring setting

- Premium comfort with orthopedic cushioning and non-slip antibacterial vinyl

- Padded easy-grip covering on push-through bar and trapeze swing

- The longest and the widest mat table in the industry

- Highly adjustable and precise spring placement options

- Three extension leg height options available to suit your studio space

- Equipped with four ports to accommodate the F2 System

- Equipped with silicon wheels for quick & easy mobility

- Patent: US 10,393,163 B2

Unparalleled fine tuning control of spring positioning.

Like fine furniture, our sturdy beech frame is built to last.

Extension legs offer the height option to best suit your space and teaching style.

Our unique Enhanced Pulley System offers fine tuning control of vertical and horizontal angles of pulleys and ropes.

Equipped with silicon wheels for quick & easy mobility.


Trapeze, Extension Leg Set (tall)

1 Leg Strap
1 Foot Strap
1 Safety Strap
2 Handles (Neoprene)
2 Handles (Aluminum)
2 Fuzzies
1 Swing
1 Roll Down Bar
1 Push-through Bar
2 Yellow Springs
2 Long Yellow Springs
2 Blue Springs
2 Red Springs
2 Black Springs
2 Purple Springs
20 Carabiners


You can easily upgrade your existing BASI Systems equipment by adding our innovative F2 System. Your Trapeze Table comes with four prepared ports for a seamless conversion. The Sitting Box’s orthopedic cushioning brings comfort to seated, supine and prone exercises, and three leg height options adapt the Cadillac to your studio space and teaching style.

F2 System

BASI Systems revolutionary F2 System adds unparalleled versatility and precision in spring angle and resistance settings. Multiple F2 System can be added to the four existing ports along your reformer and can be used individually or in unison.


Jump Board For Reformer Combo

BASI Systems Jump Board brings a strengthening cardio experience to your BASI Systems Reformer Combo repertoire. Its orthopedic padded cushioning makes jumping gentler to hips, knees and ankles.

DIMENSIONS Reformer Combo width 27.6” (73 cm.) / height 6.3” (16 cm.) / WEIGHT 22 lb (10 kg.)

Color Options

01 Anthacite Grey

02 Dark Cool Sand

03 Campfire Orange

04 Burgundy

05 Moonless Night Black

06 Pristine White

07 Dark Navy

08 Petrol Green


- wooden frame with trapeze table width 27.5” (70 cm.) / length 98.4” (250 cm.) / height 10.24” (26 cm.) - with trapeze width 28.4” (72 cm.) / length 100” (254 cm.) / height 71.7” (182 cm.) - with extension leg (tall) height 87” (221 cm.) WEIGHT 332.1 lb (151 kg.)


In this video, Rael guides you through the features of the newly designed Cadillac (Trapeze Table).

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